Restore Workers' Choice - Repeal AB5!


On January 1, 2020 AB5 became law, making it illegal for Californians to choose how, when, and where to work to support their families. Overnight tens of thousands of people in various industries - independent truckers, writers, photographers, videographers, translators, transcribers, interpreters, gig musicians, voice over actors, and more - found their income streams either entirely eliminated or severely curtailed. Single parents, professionals over age 50, people with medical or psychological conditions that interfere with W-2 employment, and caregivers have been hit the hardest.

This is simply unacceptable. Even worse, the bill's author, Asm. Lorena Gonzalez doesn't care. She has quadrupled down on her horrible piece of legislation, cussed out constituents on Twitter, and thrown tone-deaf temper tantrums on live TV to defend her actions.

Despite lawmakers' claims in late December, there is no sign that they'll do anything to give relief to these affected families and children. In fact, California's proposed budget for 2020 includes $22 million to enforce the union-written and funded law.

We believe this law must be repealed right away. Are you with us? Sign below (and grab your Made in the USA Repeal AB5 Gear here).

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I refuse to be forced to ask for Lorena Gonzalez's approval or permission when choosing the best way to build my career and support my family and demand that AB5 be repealed immediately!

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