Sorry, Gavin (and others), We're Dumping You. Best Wishes, California

Happy Independence Day! You know, if the Founding Fathers were around today, they might have a little something to say to Gavin Newsom and his friends about what they've done to the Golden State. We'd like to think they'd agree that it's time this whole crew got dumped. It might sound a little like this...

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This is How California's "Ballot Harvesting" Law Leads to Voter Fraud

Recent changes in California’s vote-by-mail law regarding “ballot harvesting” make the state an attractive target for unscrupulous campaigns to easily influence (or steal) elections.

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CA Politicians Fight About How to Divvy Up Homeless Funding

The Los Angeles Times is reporting there's a fight between various stakeholders over who gets how much of the money earmarked in the next state budget to fight homelessness in the state.

Sadly, experience has shown that this is really a competition to see who can be the most ineffective with the money.

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Yes, California Can Be Saved. Here's How.

Whenever some new horror story about what's happening in California appears, the standard (non-Californian) conservative commentary goes something like this:

Well, who cares? It's stupid California. They get what they deserve. They keep voting for those liberals, they vote to keep tax increases and ban plastic bags. Let the state fail - or better yet, kick them out of the country. Who needs 'em?

There are so many problems with that thought process. Leaving out the problems with the underlying assumptions, why would we simply cede an entire state to a group of people who seemingly want to destroy our way of life? We're in another Cold War, this time with socialists in our own country. Giving up this territory is a massive win for the wrong team.

So, let's deal with the assumptions that California is liberal and its residents are idiots who keep voting for failure and bad candidates.

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An Open Letter to Gavin Newsom: Your Policies Are Tearing My Family Apart

The boxes are filled. The bags are packed. The hearts are breaking. My family is about to be divided, separated, perhaps forever. I wish you cared.

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