For nearly 200 years, people have flocked to the Golden State to find their fortune and achieve the California Dream. We've been blessed with abundant natural resources, spectacular weather, and... there's just something special about this place that attracts people who dream big and work hard.

That dream is nearly dead.

The California Dream is being killed by our elected leaders and their corrupt cronies, whose mismanagement and misplaced priorities have literally made parts of our state just as dangerous as any third-world s**thole.

Our friends and family members are fleeing this state and taking their small businesses with them. It's gotten so bad that most middle-class families are working on some kind of an exit strategy.

But why should we surrender our homes, our cities, our state to these inept and corrupt people? They'll simply follow us wherever we go.

It's not time to surrender - it's time to fight. As columnist Kurt Schlichter recently said, "It's time to draw a line in the sand."

We can win this fight. With your help, we can Save California.

Save California PAC will lead the fight to save the California Dream, to take our state back from special interests, union bosses, and inept politicians.

We can Make California Golden Again, but we can only do it with your help.